November 2019

Our November EMBC CoP meeting is taking place in the second week of the month as per usual. Innovation UBC will be hosting the event on Friday, November 15 from 3:00-5:00 PM in their space at UBC Robson Square.


  1. Atif Mahmud, an Emerging Media Lab project lead, will present an introduction to Scholars VR.
  2. Dr. Jeremy Owen Turner is a sessional professor in Cognitive Science at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, B.C., Canada). Turner is also a Cyber-Philosopher and Virtual-Worlds Content-Creator. His main research interests include immersive social VR worlds and Artificial General Intelligence. Dr. Turner will briefly discuss the creative potential of contemporary immersive social VR worlds such as: High Fidelity, NEOS VR, Sansar, and VR Chat. In particular, he will talk about the in-world content creation capabilities of each world and their levels of mass-consumer accessibility at this time.
  3. Oliver Jacobs is currently a graduate student pursuing his M.A./Ph.D in cognitive psychology at UBC. Oliver’s research interests mainly revolve around emerging technologies and cognition in the real world. His current research is focused on how VR can enable the study of how the head and eyes combine to perceive visual scenes. Oliver Jacobs’ presentation “Using Virtual Reality to Explore Mental Rotation” will be discussing mental rotation performance in a 3D virtual environment. How do people perform when the traditional pen-and-paper task is now in 3D? What promise does VR offer this line of work?
Atif Mahmud presenting on Scholars VR