December 2019

For this month’s EMBC CoP, we’re doing something a little different. Emerging Media Lab’s Faculty-in-Residence Dr. Patrick Pennefather has put together a holiday special for all!

Debunking Myths: The Hazards and Joys of Emerging Tech Development

Still have unanswered questions about diving into xR development? Anxious about integrating emerging technology in your teaching, research, artistic or production process? What should you prepare for? What can you expect?

Join us for a few hours of merry xR mirth-ing at the Centre for Digital Media for a year in review with practitioners who engage regularly in the development of emerging technologies, whether software or hardware. Afterwards, our Faculty-in-Residence, Dr. P. will moderate a brainstorm and Q & A session with our guests as we attempt to support and encourage your own xR dreams (with some pragmatism thrown in for good measure).

Featured Panelists

What to expect

  1. We will talk about the use of emerging tech and tech development including lessons learned with 5-minute rapid presentations.
  2. Dr. Patrick Pennefather will moderate a practical panel focused on: (a) having presenters give advice considering emerging tech development; and (b) develop a typology of considerations ‘live’ for people developing with tech.

The event will take place at the Centre for Digital Media’s main entrance. A receptionist will buzz you in and point you in the right direction.