September 19, 2018


Meeting on the last or second-last Friday of the month, the Emerging Media Community gets together to discuss and learn about not only the new VR/AR innovations but also many other emerging technologies. As a diverse community that features faculty, staff, students and industry professionals, the Emerging Media Community of Practice has a place and function for everyone.

Emerging Media Community of Practice serves three purposes:

1. Provide a forward-looking forum in which we share current projects and bring expertise to forecasting and shaping the future of this area

2. Provide a stimulating environment in which we solve concrete challenges in and around immersive technology concerning education and research

3. Provide a strong network to bring opportunities to collaborate across different communities that care about the role of virtual/augmented reality in education and research

EMCoP events are hosted by the UBC Emerging Media Lab, and usually feature three speakers; each speaker gives a 20-30 minute presentation followed by 10 minutes for questions.

Is your institution or company interested in presenting at future EMCoP events? Please contact us.