November 2018

We’ll briefly introduce BeThere360 – a digital asset management & distribution platform with 360-ready mobile apps for higher education. We’ll then focus on walking through a demo of BeThere360’s new sync play feature, which allows educators to control video playback across many joined devices in multiple locations. Give your students, colleagues and collaborators an innovative and immersive experience viewing 360-degree video simultaneously, with or without Google Cardboard or Daydream headsets.

About Radical I/Ois a people-first enterprise software development consultancy & lab in Vancouver, BC that develops technology with purpose. We specialize in mobile, web, APIs, cloud, integrations, AI, smart devices, and smart cities. We love connecting communities through good technology so we work with government, social-impact enterprises, and educational institutions. Our newest in-house created product, BeThere360, is a digital asset management & distribution platform, with 360°-ready mobile apps and #SyncPlay capability, for post-secondary educational institutions.