February 2019

Yao Wang – Industry Speaker

Yao Wang is a multimedia composer, sound designer and producer. She started ICTUS, an immersive content creation company that specializes in spatial audio. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Yao worked at MIT for about a year to help integrate VR into their curriculum. Her time is now fully dedicated to her passion for music, art and storytelling. Yao wants to explore the limits of creative expression through cutting edge tech, passionate composition and bold ideas!

William Beltran – Student

William worked on interactive orchestra and will discuss this project. Emerging media lab had been wanting to create an experience, with an orchestra as the theme, for a most of 2018. Originally the idea consisted of an experience that would use 360 video to observe an orchestra in VR. Last term Dr. Jirard, conductor of orchestras at UBC School of Music, approached EML with the intention of modifying this project into one where the user takes the role of the conductor. And thus, development on Interactive Orchestra began. William will be discussing the development process, along with future prospects of where we believe this project can go.

Patrick Pennefather – Academia
Dr. Pennefather will present an experiential listening experience with live, virtual and mixed use cases focusing on the UX of sound in front of, behind, above and below!