June 2018

Jon Festinger | Peter A. Allard School of Law

MEdia: Freedom of Thought in Virtual Realities
Based on current trajectories we can project at least one future for media – that of algorithmically generated content uniquely and intentionally generated for each person delivered in a completely immersive VR environment. How should we parse the role of law in such unusual terrain where we are receiving content born of our own data, which unfettered, may be used to please us, educate us, or manipulate us? How might we determine the point at which free will is endangered so as to require legal intervention? And what legal principles and remedies could we apply to protect individuals from such harms?

Zhaoming Xie | UBC Computer Science

Learning to Walk Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
An introduction to reinforcement learning, an area of machine learning inspired by behaviourist psychology. Zhaoming will also showcase his work in using deep reinforcement learning to synthesize walking controllers, with applications in gaming, robotics, and more.

 Adam Herr & Yana Pertels | Eyemole

Augmented Reality Streetwear
EARS (Eyemole Augmented Reality Streetwear) is a platform for customizable Augmented Reality clothing. Using the platform, users will be able to create and upload 3D designs onto a selection of clothing items, such as shirts and hoodies. The designs will be visible in Augmented Reality as interactive characters to anyone looking at the wearer through a companion app.