July 2018

Dr. Stoo Sepp | University of Wollongong

Human movement, cognition and learning: Implications for VR in educational research and practice
Virtual Reality presents many opportunities for embodied learning experiences that place the learner in virtual environments that push beyond seeing learning materials on a screen or piece of paper. Emerging research in Educational Psychology, specifically Embodied Cognition and Cognitive Load Theory is investigating how movement relates to memory and attention which may one day inform the design of user experience and learning environments in the context of XR (VR/MR/AR).

Dr. Li Ji | LlamaZOO Interactive Inc

Towards Industrial Digital Twin Visualization for the Resource Sector
Resource sector industry, such as mining, oil and gas, face enormous datasets acquired over vast landscapes and over extended periods of time. Traditional data visualization methods with abstract gestures, such as line plots, bar-charts and simple 3D illustrations, are insufficient for delivering an intuitive, high-level understanding of these spatially and chronologically complex datasets. By combining the state-of-art rendering methods from the video game industry with data visualization, LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. delivers Digital Twin visualization, depicting key operational data in an in situ style, with a photorealistic virtual environment that can be viewed interactively either on a desktop computer or with VR/AR headsets. The presented solution has gain widely favourable reception amongst our industrial clients, and have already generated significant Return on Investment (ROI) during the first few months of deployment.