March 2018

Bernard Reike | Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT)

Could Virtual Reality Make Us More Human?
How we could use the potential of virtual reality to go beyond entertainment and gaming, for creating positive or even transformational experiences we might otherwise not be able to have? And how could we democratize the medium and put this powerful technology into the creative hands of more people? Virtual reality is becoming increasingly powerful and accessible, and offers the unique opportunity to provide first-hand interactive and embodied experiences. Bernhard paints a vision of how we could use this potential for empowering people to create positive experiences worth spreading.

Qian Zhou | UBC PhD Student

Spherical Fish Tank VR
Perspective-Corrected Displays (PCD) using view-dependent rendering create a compelling 3D effect as users move around the display. Arranged inside a geometric shape, such as a box or a sphere, PCD shows the corresponding perspective images on the display surface, creating a 3D illusion as if the virtual object is inside the display. We present our design and implementation of a spherical perspective-corrected display. We found that the ability to provide natural visuomotor coupling can potentially increase user’s performance in interactive applications such as 3D designs and games.