February 2018

David Dunkley Gyimah | Head of Digital Interactive Storytelling LAB University of Westminster

Interdisciplinary approach to VR, via looking at Art, Cinema Journalism, Emotions and Technology
David heads up the disLAB at the University of Westminster. His work has been described as “a rare combination of skills in hands-on field reporting, and technology and technical innovation…” by the BBC’s director of digital development James Montgomery. Peter Barron, Google’s VP, Communications Europe, Middle East and Africa says David keeps on pushing the boundaries in digital videojournalism in brilliant and beautiful ways”, whilst Apple has referred to him as a “One man hurricane”.

Maria Lantin | Director, Research S3D Centre at Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Being Basically Good In The Digital World
The virtual is not digital. They relate through the analog, the production of embodied sensation. We will discuss current projects that link the digital with the performative, speaking of the challenges of fully embodying technologies that are “in your face” and making them channels for expression and thinking (with).

Claudia Krebs | Professor of Teaching, UBC

HoloBrain is a mixed reality brain simulation to allow educators to teach the anatomy of the brain with a holographic model, using 3D reconstructions of basal ganglia nuclei which were obtained from MRI scans.