March 2020

This month’s meeting will be hosted at the National Film Board of Canada in downtown Vancouver from 3:00 to 5:00 PM on Friday, March 6, located at 351 Abbott Street in the Screening Room.

As per usual, we will have guest presentations from leaders in the emerging technology community share their work, so that we may discuss, collaborate, and innovate together!

Speakers List:

Dr. Steven Barnes | UBC psychology professor and PI of Tapestry Tool

Steven J. Barnes is highly regarded for his work related to online learning technologies (e.g., the Tapestry Project; see, student mental health and wellbeing, and bipolar disorder (BD). Steven co-directs the Collaborative RESearch Team to study psychosocial issues in BD (CREST.BD, see, a BD research and knowledge exchange network which received the 2018 CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for Patient Engagement—Canada’s most prestigious recognition for patient engagement in research across all health disciplines.

Naomi Van Halteren | registered nurse and founder of Luna VR

Naomi Van Halteren is a registered nurse who is using the magic of Virtual Reality (VR) to help decrease a patient’s pain & their fear of needles. Having Type 1 Diabetes & Multiple Sclerosis, she has received over 35,000 needles & is using this knowledge to help others. Her goal is to start changing how needles are seen & felt; to help enable kids and adults to be able to have better-coping abilities for acute needle-based procedures.

Nicholas Klassen | Producer, NFB Digital Studio

Nicholas Klassen is a Producer with the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio. He works with artists and media makers of all stripes to produce interactive storytelling projects that push the boundaries of story, form and platform. His projects have been recognized by the Webbys, Communication Arts, World Press Photo and the Canadian Screen Awards — recent examples include Legacies 150, Tidal Traces and Un/Tied Shoes.

Laura Mitchell | Project Manager, NFB Digital Studio

Laura Mitchell is a Project Manager with the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio. She has been part of the core creative team for many innovative and award-winning projects including Circa 1948, Seances, Hungry Month of March, Tidal Traces and Homestay. With a unique combination of artistic temperament and pragmatic skills, she is an advocate for creative experimentation and collaborative teams while also casting a stern eye on budget and timeline.

No longer presenting: Dana Dansereau | Producer, NFB Digital Studio

Unfortunately, Dana won’t be able to make the event. The rest of our speaker list has not changed.

Additional directions to find the event:

From the Woodward’s atrium go up the grey spiral staircase to the second floor. The NFB Office is at Suite 250. The NFB Screening Room is directly across from the NFB Office. Knock on the door to the Screening Room and someone will let you in.

If you aren’t able to come in person, connect with us live via this link:

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If you or anyone you know may be interested in presenting their work in using emerging technologies, please email us at and ask to speak to the EMBC CoP coordinator Sam Peng. Thank you!