November 2017

Camilo Perez | Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC

Advancing Industrial Human-Robot Interaction | Methods with Augmented Reality
Camilo Perez addresses CARIS Lab (’s recent work on developing novel human-robot interaction (HRI) capabilities by extending the Microsoft Hololens Augmented Reality (AR) platform. He presents an overview of the development of two robotic systems that integrate the Hololens as part of the human-robot interaction, namely: 1. An intuitive robotic teaching pendant for skill-based robot programming, and 2. A hologram haptic interaction, path specification, and execution.

Eyemole | EML Sandbox Collective

The Eyemole collective ( is a group works at the intersection of neurotechnology, virtual reality and art. They explain why this particular intersection is relevant in today’s world and talk about several of their current projects involving creative applications of brain-computer interfaces.