July 2018

Dr. Stoo Sepp, University of Wollongong | Human movement, cognition and learning: Implications for VR in educational research and practice
Dr. Li Ji, LlamaZOO Interactive Inc | Towards Industrial Digital Twin Visualization for the Resource Sector

April 2018

Graham Cunliffe, FingerFood Studios VP of Business Affairs | Using Technology as a Tool to Solve Problems
Bernie Garrett, School of Nursing | Clinical Healthcare Applications and Research for VR

February 2018

David Gyimah, Head of disLAB, University of Westminster | Interdisciplinary approach to VR, via looking at Art, Cinema Journalism, Emotions and Technology
Maria Lantin, Director, Research S3D Centre at Emily Carr University | Being Basically Good In The Digital World
Claudia Krebs, Professor of Teaching, UBC | Holobrain